Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mt Shasta Family

Every year in February we get a week of spring like weather, and we all think winter is over. It's not, but I panicked anyway, and figured I'd better get the kids up to Mt. Shasta Ski & Board Park before all the snow melts.  So on President's Day we packed up the gear and headed north to ski.

Mt. Shasta Ski Park, Northern California www.wayupnorthincali.blogspot.com

This was a day of "firsts" for my children. #1 decided to ditch the skis and try snowboarding. #2 headed off with her cousins to ski, making it the first time without Mom. In fact I barely saw her all afternoon! #3 put on a pair of skis for the first time.  And they all did great! Some of my favorite moments as a mother have been teaching my children to ski, and yesterday was not exception. 

www.wayupnorthincali.blogspot.com Mt. Shasta Ski Park, Northern California

Almost five years ago, I wrote this in my journal, and it still applies. 

"Saturday was one of those days I hope I never forget.  I took Eliza and Corbin snow skiing.  It was Corbin's second time and Eliza's first time.  Corbin was zooming down the mountain (lapping us...he did twice as many runs as E and I did).  Eliza was a trooper, never crying, even when she stayed on the chair lift too long and had to jump off.

One of the things I enjoy most in life is watching my children learn something new.  I love seeing the joy on their face when they realize this new, yet difficult, task is worth the effort it takes.  That great things can come with work and endurance.  Both Liz and Corbin were learning that even though we sometimes fall and get hurt, that it is always worth the effort to rise and try again.  That the reward is greater than the sacrifice.  Who knew that learning to ski could teach so much?"

www.wayupnorthincali.blogspot.com Mt. Shasta Ski Park, Northern California

Ok...so I'm still learning how to take selfies. I'm just old enough that I can't seem to get it right. But, I posted this one anyway so you could see what I wore to ski in. We are on the chair lift, and I am wearing A SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT. Our February heat wave made for awesome ski weather. It did turn the snow a bit slushy, but the kids didn't mind.

Line...what line...On President's Day (a holiday weekend) this is what our wait for the chair lift looked like. Really, it can't be beat. 

www.wayupnorthincali.blogspot.com Mt. Shasta Ski Park, Northern California

My brother in law and my bestie, turned sister in law, and their kiddos met us up there. Cousins really are the best. 

www.wayupnorthincali.blogspot.com Mt. Shasta Ski Park, Northern California
View of The Douglas lift from The Marmont lift.
You can find the stats (cost, directions, etc) for Mt. Shasta Ski Park on THIS blog post from a few weeks ago. 

The Marmont lift
Need help deciding if a season pass is right for you? Check out THIS post for all you need to know.

A Season Pass Review : Mt Shasta Ski Park

I love skiing without my kids too! More about that and all the stats for the park in THIS post. 

Mt. Shasta Ski Park post


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