Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mt. Shasta Ski Park

Being friends with me is probably boring. In fact I know it is. I am not funny, or exciting, or interesting. I am not the life of the party. Often while having a conversation with someone, I will draw a complete blank and have no idea what to say to them next. They could be a friend I have known for a long time, and yet, I can't seem to get anything out of my mouth.  Friends have to be patient with me.  I have a friend who has been patient with me for 25 years. A best friend.  She has been my "BFF" (am I too old to say that?) since we were 11. And then we married brothers. That's right, my best friend is now my sister. I love that I can stop by her house for no reason at all, and I know she won't mind. I never have to worry if I'm bothering her. I don't have to worry whether I have anything interesting to say. Conversation comes easy. If I fall asleep on her couch while watching a movie, she won't judge.  My children and her children, are not only cousins, but treasured friends.  A lot of our time spent together is around activities for our kids.  But every now and then we get to break away from being moms and get to be just friends.  And when we do, it's glorious.

On this day, we did something we both love.

Ahhh...skiing. It's one of my favorite things. Something I don't do often enough. Well, it's been kinda hard to ski in Northern California the last couple years. know...there has been NO SNOW! But praise the heavens, snow has fallen. White, cold, beautiful snow. And now that this beautiful bestie of mine lives minutes from Mt. Shasta Ski Park, we seized the slopes.

You should have seen us old ladies. We would stop about 4 times coming down the slope. Geez...we are out of shape! When I was a kid, I always used to wonder why my mom was so slow coming down the mountain. Well, now I know! She was tired! I think I need to do some squats before my next venture.

The Stats:
Location: 4500 Ski Park Hwy, McCloud, CA
Cost: Starting at $7 for Children & $20 for adults (Click here for full pricing)

Pro Tips:

  • My favorite time to take my children skiing is "spring" skiing on a Friday afternoon (we leave Redding as soon as school gets out). Right after the time changes (March) it stays light later. Night skiing is from 3-8pm and costs $7 for kids 7 and under and $12 for kids 8-12. Even when I have to rent skis ($15 for 7 and under and $16 for 8-12) it only cost $22 or $28 respectively. By the time it starts to get dark and cold around 7pm, my kids are tired from 4 hours of skiing, and we head home and in bed by 9:30pm.
  • Buy your season pass during the summer before and save a bundle!

How fantastic is it that Redding is only an hour from Mt. Shasta Ski Park?! One of the things I love most about living way up north in Cali, is how diverse our environment is. Within an hour we have multiple lakes, mountains and rivers. Gorgeous scenery and activities that most of the country just doesn't have. At least not all in such close proximity to each other.

Need help deciding whether to buy a season pass? Click HERE for A Season Pass Review : Mt Shasta Ski Park

Find out why I love taking my kids skiing at Mt Shasta HERE in the Mt. Shasta Family post.

What do you love most about Mt. Shasta Ski Park? Do you have a favorite time to go? 


  1. Just found your blog. What a lot of great info and fun places! Shasta seems like such a super place to ski with kids. You are so lucky to so close. Loved your posts on Fern Canyon too. My husband is from Trinidad and it's one of my favorite spots. Have you been to Lady Bird Johnson Grove? It's near Fern Canyon too and pretty amazing. Kim

    1. Thanks Kim! I haven't been to Lady Bird Johnson Grove. I'll have to put it on my list of to do's!