Tuesday, March 28, 2017

All Browed Up : A Local Business Review

I'm usually the last of my friends to hop on the trend wagon. I'm often a few seasons behind in fashion. It took me FOREVER to wear a skinny jean, and just when I did, everyone else started wearing boyfriend jeans. I really want to be fashionable. And at one time, I think I was. But then life happened and tennis shoes just are so comfortable. I'm slow to change up my beauty routine, and I have a hard time trying new makeup styles and techniques. So when All Browed Up asked me to try microblading for my eyebrows, I decided to be brave. (Microblading was offered to me as a gift from a dear friend, and after seeing the results, I wanted to thank her by giving an honest review of her service on my blog.)

As explained on All Browed Up's brochure, "Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment. It is a process where thin, shallow cuts are placed in the skin. Color pigment is deposited into the cuts with a manual, handheld tool to resemble natural eyebrow hairs. The treatment provides a beautiful low maintenance look that can last from 6 months to 3 years!"

Thin shallow cuts! Ummm...no thanks. But wait, maybe waking up with perfectly shaped brows that didn't need to be filled in with a brow filler would be nice. And I'm about out of brow filler, so it would save me a trip to Macy's MAC counter where I feel intimidated by perfectly done up 20-somethings. Ok...yes...I'll give it a shot.

This was a decision that took some thought. Q was worried I'd come home with a Mike Tyson tattoo on my face and I was worried about it just being "too much". I like getting done up and putting on makeup as the next girl, but I don't want to look plastic. I want to be real.

I met Kelly Freeman, the Microblading and Powder Fill Eyebrow Specialist, from All Browed Up many years ago.  She's stylish, fun, and friendly.  She has a great passion for her new career and is so excited to be offering this service to the Redding area. So even though I was a little nervous, I had confidence in my microblading specialist.

I arrived at "The Spa", a lovely serene place, where All Browed Up is located. After some standard paperwork she brought me into her room and began asking questions to find out what I wanted to achieve from microblading.

Next, Kelly started the process of mixing just the right color.  She was very patient as I kept asking her to tweak it just a little. A little warmer...a little lighter...ok...now a little cooler...but soon we had a color that we thought would be just right to compliment my existing brows. Being a red head, I did not want dark eyebrows. I was hoping for a natural look.

Now on to the shape and style of the brow (of course I forgot to take a picture of this process!). This took quite a bit of time. I was extremely picky about the size and shape of my brows. (I am not pleased with the current fad of what I like to call "man brows"; thick, dark brows that are too close together. While I haven't seen any of Kelly's clients have this look, it still concerned me.) She was very helpful in picking a shape and size that would work for me and then we tweaked it until it was just right. Kelly was extremely patient as I made her draw and redraw the brow several times. Her goal was to make me happy and she worked to make sure that I was satisfied before we moved on to the next step.

After the color and shape were set, it was time to start the microblading. Numbing gel was first applied and then the first "strokes" began. I'm not gonna lie, there were times when I was a bit uncomfortable, but after talking to Kelly, she applied more numbing gel to the sensitive areas and then I was more at ease. After the first brow was mostly complete she had me inspect the brow to make sure I was happy with the direction she was going.

I sat up and looked in the mirror! "Oh Kelly, it looks SO good!" I was both excited and relieved. Even with all my trust in Kelly's ability, I had never done a cosmetic alteration to my appearance that I would not be able to wash off or wipe away if I didn't like it, and I was more concerned than I wanted to let on.  But after that first look at my new brow, all my fears left, and I was just excited to see the final product.

The Stats:
All Browed Up
What: Eyebrow Microblading (& Powderfill)
Where: The Spa (2510 Old Eureka Way, Ste B, Redding)
Cost: SPECIAL $150 through April 2017 (Regularly $350)
Contact/Scheduling: 530-941-7514
Instagram @allbrowedup

The final product, is actually yet to be seen. Healing is still happening. Two weeks of healing will give me a better look, and then at six weeks I'll go in for a follow up appointment where touch ups can be made. But even with healing still on going, I am so happy with my improved, natural looking brows!

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