Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Eskimo Hill

Yesterday was fake President's Day. You know, the Monday before President's Day that all the school's have off, but no one else does, because it's not a real holiday? Well, since I work for our school, I had the day off with my kids! Hurray! So we spent the day...wait for it...going to a doctor's appointment in Sacramento!!! So fun! No? Oh...well...I didn't think it was all that fun either. You know where I wish I was?

Eskimo Hill!

Lucky for us, we went a few weeks ago, so I am going to take you down memory lane with me so I can pretend we did something fun on our day off.

Eskimo Hill, Northern California  www.wayupnorthincali.blogspot.com

My #3 was (pictured above on the left) was sliding down on a saucer type sled and went over a bump. He caught a little air and when he landed it split the saucer in half and gave him a "heart attack" (otherwise known to you and I as getting the wind knocked out.) After that he stuck to the smaller hill. Note the broken green saucer in the pic below.

Eskimo Hill, Northern California  www.wayupnorthincali.blogspot.com

Do you see that guy behind our chairs trying to start a fire? He was using a propane blow torch to start the fire. He couldn't get it going so he put the lit propane torch (with tank attached) IN the fire! And since I don't like being near exploding propane tanks, we got up and moved our chairs.

These boys had a great time, even after going off track a bit and sliding into the well of a big tree.

Check out The Stats on Eskimo Hill here
Directions: 13 Miles south of Old Station on State Route 89/44 (About an hour east of Redding)

Pro Tips:
  • Bring a chair to sit on if you're lazy like me and mostly just watch your children (I did go down once...)
  • There are several fire pits, so bring some fire wood and roast some marshmallows.
  • The restroom have what they call "vault" toilets. In other words, they don't flush...
  • Check the road conditions before you go here and you can also take a look at a near by web cam at Manzanita Lake here
When the kids were sufficiently cold and wet, we headed back to my in-law's house few miles from Eskimo Hill.  We are SO very blessed that we have this warm, comfortable, beautiful home to stay at when we go up to Eskimo Hill.  There is nothing better than coming out of the snow and sipping hot chocolate next to a warm wood burning stove.

Do you love Eskimo Hill too? Where are some of your other favorite places to go snow sledding.


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