Saturday, August 1, 2015

Emerald Forest

I don't think I have ever screamed as loud as I did then;  the moment I watched my 6 year old fall face first into the fire.  The chair landed on top of him, and he was quite literally IN the fire.  Quinn jumped up and pulled him (and his chair) out.  But even with Quinn's quick reaction, he was in the fire for several long seconds.  He came out with only a scratch on his finger.  It doesn't make sense. He should have been burned.  We are a family of faith, and I absolutely believe that for reasons unknown to us, he was protected by Divine Power.  And we are so thankful for it.

That was the first night of camping.  With that heart racing, panic inducing scare out of the way, we were ready to start enjoying our 11th annual camping trip at Emerald Forest of Trinidad.

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For eleven years we have been camping in the same campground.  I suppose that is the best review I can give it.  We love it so much, that we have come back every single year, eleven times over.  Every July (or August) when we can't stand the heat of Redding any longer, we pack up our sweatshirts and pants, and SOCKS for the journey to Trinidad. (Have you ever noticed how lovely it is to wear socks?  When it's not 115 degrees, of course.) There is nothing better than getting into the car when it's scorching hot and get out three hours later, wondering where your sweatshirt is. Ahhh. It's like I can finally breathe.

Emerlad Forest Campground, Trinidad CA

Emerald Forest is nestled in a beautiful grove of redwood trees. It has all the amenities of a great campground, including a playground and (my personal favorite) unlimited hot water for the showers.  No quarters required.  It's a short drive to a number of great beaches.

The Stats:
Where: Trinidad, CA (Patrick's Point Drive)
Cost: See website for prices on Tent camping, RVs & Cabins

Trinidad, CA - Review of Emeral Forest Campground. Great blog about things to do in Northern California.

A stop at the Trinidad Marina and Beach are always on our list of to-dos.  This time we saw two cute sea otters on dock.  And at Trinidad beach we watched 8 surfers. To our liking, it was sunny!  Which is not always the case on the Nor-Cal coast.

Trinidad Beach, CA
It wouldn't be a trip to the beach, if someone didn't get buried in the sand!

What would a trip to Trinidad be without a hike through Fern Canyon? (Click here for stats) Fern Canyon makes my soul happy.

Fern Canyon, Nor Cal Coast,

There is a lot I don't love about camping. The planning, packing, unpacking, setting up camp, breaking down camp, packing it back up only to unpack it again. And then there's the laundry.  The week after of constant washing, and folding. Even if it didn't get used or worn, it has to be washed because the campfire smoke has penetrated EVERYTHING. But when I sit down in front of the fire, relaxed, laughing and conversing with dear friends, I remember why it is worth it.

Pro Tips for Camping on Nor-Cal Coast:

  • Pack warm PJs. It is cold and damp at night. My kids usually where two pairs of pajamas. (Then I don't have to worry when they have wiggled their way out of the sleeping bag.)
  • ALWAYS have your kids wear swim suits when going to the beach. Even if it's freezing and you think they won't get in the water. They will.
  • On that same note, pack two types of sweatshirts. One that is used for the beach, and one that is used at camp.  Trust me. No one wants to wear a damp, sandy sweatshirt all weekend.
  • Use this camping list so you won't forget anything.
  • Don't let the overcast skies and fog keep you from the beach.  Not all oceans are created equal.  Embrace the fact that the Nor-Cal coast is chilly, and love it for it's beauty.
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