Tuesday, May 26, 2015

dial in the sun

We needed a walk after indulging in way too much food for breakfast at the Black Bear Diner.  So we stopped at the Sundial bridge on our way home.  We love the bridge.  Designed by Spanish Architect & Engineer Santiago Calatrava, it is an amazing display of modern design. 

Not only is it cool in design but it lends for cool place to walk, seeing how the temperature is actually a few degrees cooler, the closer you get to the river.

Sundial Bridge in Redding, California

The glass bottom bridge that stretches over the Sacramento River, is is especially beautiful at night when it is lit up, but today we went in the late morning.    Our kids think that the cables are a jungle gym and love to hang on them.  And well, since they hold up the bridge, I figure they are strong enough to hold another few pounds.  

I love that the path takes you down to the water's edge on the underside of the bridge.  Lots to explore and some of the best views of the bridge are from underneath.

Sundial Bridge in Redding, California

The entire area near the Sundial Bridge has so much to explore.  I will post more entries about the surroundings soon.  Some of my favorites are the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, The Arboretum and Gardens, and the miles of biking and walking trails of the Sacramento River Trail system.  More to come on all of those later.

Sundial Bridge in Redding, California

I love that a visit to the Sundial Bridge can be a 10 minute walk or an all day adventure, depending on how you're feeling that day.  If you have never been or are traveling through the North Sate, it is worth the stop.

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