Sunday, September 25, 2016

Highland Neighborhood Park

It was only 91 degrees today! Isn't it funny that we here in Redding think 91 degrees feels cool and almost refreshing. Well, after 110+ degrees in the summer, 91 feels amazing! We can go outside in 91 degrees. 91 degrees means we can play at the park and actually put our bums on the slide. At 91 degrees we won't burn our hands on the drinking fountain knob. 91 degrees is really quite nice.

Highland Neighborhood Park, Redding, CA

Now that we won't suffer from heat stroke by being outside for more than 5 minutes, let's talk parks; the kind with playgrounds. My youngest is almost 8. Perfect park age. He can climb on his own. He can make it across the monkey bars unassisted and he can pump his legs on the swings. (A chorus of angels sang the day my youngest learned how to pump. No joke.) However, my oldest is 13. The age when shame will be placed upon you if a friend sees you playing at the park. Or maybe you put the shame on your yourself, but at any rate, it's really not cool be play at the park when you're 13. But sometimes we really need to put the iphone down and get out of the house. Where can we go that will satisfy everyone? One of our favorite parks in Highland Neighborhood Park.

The Stats: Highland Neighborhood Park
Where: 555 Mill Valley Parkway, Redding, 96003
Amenities: Restrooms, Pavilion with Picnic Tables, Basketball Court, Wall Ball Court, Open Field, Playground with Swings, Slides, Climbing Rope Pyramid

One of the reasons my kids like this park is because of the the Rope Pyramid. To them it is more interesting than a regular play structure; although this park has two of those as well. I like it because it feels like a more modern version of a playground.  And while some people love the nostalgia of old-school style playgrounds, I enjoy the use of modern design and technology.

I'd say that it really is best for older kids. Toddlers can certainly play there but, I think it would be harder for them to explore unassisted. When I take my kids to the park, I love to sit and watch them explore. I participate with them all day long, helping them with their school work, helping them do their chores, bandaging their wounds, driving them to their activities, so going to the park is a time I reserve for watching and letting them explore things on their own without me hovering over them. So picking the best park, definitely depends on the age and abilities of your child.

This park is nestled in the back of a nice neighborhood (Highland Park) off of north Churn Creek. They are still building homes in the neighborhood and it is nice to see it filling in with beautiful homes.

Have you been to Highland Neighborhood Park? Which park in Redding is your favorite?

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