Thursday, August 25, 2016

8 ways to spend the rest of your Summer!

9 Ways to spend the rest of the Summer Cooling Off in Northern California

School's back in session and August is winding down. But luckily for us here in Northern California summer is far from over. I tolerate love that the scorching hot warm temperatures will continue into October. That means there are plenty of week nights and weekends to fill full of summer fun!  

My brain works better in lists. So I am putting together 8 of my favorite summer blog posts and destinations for the greater Redding area (no more than an hour's drive).

Click on each one to find out more info!

8. Crystal Creek Falls

7. Lassen Park : Bumpass Hell Hike

6. Fantasy Fountain : Enterprise Park

5. Burney Falls & Lake Britton

4. Brandy Creek Beach : Whiskeytown Lake

3. Lake Siskyou Beach & Camp

2. East Beach : Whiskeytown Lake

1. Squaw Creek Swim Hole

There are so many more ways to beat the heat in Northern California. These are just a few. What would you add to the list?

Need more ways to have fun in the sun? Check out my post Free & Nearly Free Summer Activities

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