Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Nutcracker : Redding City Ballet

I love the performing arts; musicals, plays, music performances, dance, it's all so magical to me.  When I watch performers do something that requires hard work, sacrifice and bravery, it makes me cry. Every time. And when I personally know these performers, it hits me hard, and I have been known to let a tear slip multiple times throughout a production. 

Redding has a blossoming performing arts community. Practically every weekend, you can find a play, symphony, musical, or dance event to attend. Some people don't realize that even a small city like Redding, has some amazingly talented people in it! 

The Nutcracker : Redding City Ballet

One of my favorite events to attend every Christmas time is the Redding City Ballet's: The Nutcracker. In this beautiful ballet with stunning local talent, we get to experience something special. Not only do we have the opportunity to see something beautiful, but we get to experience a sense of pride knowing that the great community we live in encourages and allows the performing arts to grow and flourish. 

The Nutcracker : Redding City Ballet
2013 The Nutcracker: Clara receiving her Nutcracker from Drosselmeyer.

I have seen and experienced first hand, how children and adults alike, can gain great confidence and self worth through performing, and in turn become successful contributors in our community.

2015 Journey To The Nutcracker video

These young (and some not so young) performers are your neighbors, co-workers, friends and students. They live and study here in our beautiful city. Whether you realize it or not, what they do impacts all of us. Only good can come from a community that supports each other in our talents and efforts.

The Nutcracker : Redding City Ballet
2013 The Nutcracker: Arabian
Find out more about Redding City Ballet on their Facebook page.
Find out more about The Redding Arts Project; the official training school for the Redding City Ballet on their website.

Come join me at the historic Cascade Theater on Dec 8 & 9 (starting at $12 per ticket) and be inspired to begin your Christmas season with grace and beauty. Buy tickets here.

2014 The Nutcracker: My beautiful Angel daughter.

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